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What is storage server?

Storage servers are solutions that provide online storage space for storing and managing data.
They typically offer scalable storage capacity and advanced data management features.

For what purpose?

Storage server can be used for backing up files, sharing data, hosting databases, and more.
It provides security features such as data encryption, automatic backups, and data redundancy to ensure data reliability and availability.

Why Storage Server ?

Management Options

Storage servers can be managed by cloud service providers or deployed internally by businesses.

Scalable storage capacity

Storage server hosting services offer scalable storage space based on your needs. You can increase or decrease the allocated storage capacity as your data grows, without worrying about hardware constraints.

Remote access and data sharing

With hosted storage servers, you can access your data remotely from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Additionally, you can easily share your files with colleagues, clients, or partners, simplifying collaboration and information sharing processes.

Reliability and availability

Storage server hosting services strive to provide high availability and reliability. Providers often utilize redundant storage technologies and backup systems to minimize downtime and ensure continuous availability of your data.

Data security

Hosting providers for storage servers typically implement advanced security measures to protect your data. This may include features such as data encryption, regular backups, data redundancy, and highly secure data centers. These measures enhance the security of your data compared to local storage.

Simplified management

With storage server hosting, the provider takes care of the underlying infrastructure management. This means you don't have to worry about hardware maintenance, upgrades, or software patches. You can focus on utilizing and managing your data rather than dealing with technical tasks.

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We Offer

Features Included

Backup storage space

Each storage server comes with a complimentary 500GB storage space that is separate from the server itself, allowing you to securely store and manage your data.

Disk customisation

When you order your storage server, you can customise its storage capacity with a wide range of disks.

Dedicated IPv6

Keep your connections secure and efficient with the latest IP technologies. With our native /64 IPv6 block infrastructure, you will avoid latency, networking, and blacklisting issues.

Assistance and support

Our dedicated team is available to help you with any questions, issues, or technical challenges you may encounter. Whether you need guidance in setting up or managing your services.

Frequently asked Questions

Cloud storage offers a secure solution for storing your files and data. Instead of relying on your computer's hard drive or local server, the files are stored on remote systems in a highly secure facility managed by the provider. By connecting to the internet, you can easily access and retrieve your files and data from the remote cloud solution using your computer or device.

It can be challenging to provide a definitive answer. However, if you anticipate storing substantial amounts of data or large data files such as videos or audio files, it is advisable to prioritize a Cloud storage solution that offers cost-effective alternatives for extensive data storage. By doing so, you won't have to concern yourself with the quantity of terabytes utilized or the remaining gigabytes at your disposal.

Cloud storage facilitates collaboration in several ways:

  • File Sharing: Cloud storage platforms enable users to share files easily with others, regardless of their location. Shared folders or files can be accessed and edited by authorized collaborators, streamlining collaboration and eliminating the need for manual file transfers.
  • Real-time access and file sharing: Cloud storage allows multiple users to access and share files simultaneously from any location with an internet connection. This enables seamless collaboration, as team members can work on the same files, make edits, and see changes in real-time.
  • Version Control: Cloud storage systems typically maintain a version history of files, allowing collaborators to access previous iterations of documents. This feature ensures that changes can be tracked, reverted if necessary, and provides an audit trail of the document's evolution.


Overall, cloud storage fosters collaboration by providing a centralized, accessible, and secure platform for sharing, editing, and managing files collaboratively.


Without guidance from an experienced professional, switching to the cloud can be incredibly challenging, time consuming and costly. There will be inevitable customizations that need to be made to the Cloud storage system to fit your business needs, and navigating those tasks on your own can be burdensome. Overall, the greatest challenge is planning out the right balance of Cloud services

Like any data transmission resource, Cloud Storage, especially public clouds, can be targeted by attacks. However, the level of vulnerability of the service relies on the information management protocols in place. Despite this, cloud solutions generally offer higher security compared to local resources. Cloud Storage implements encryption measures to safeguard against data leakage.

Regardless of whether you opt for private or public Cloud Storage, it is imperative to have a complete cybersecurity strategy in place. This involves addressing any vulnerabilities associated with the company's hardware and enhancing access management practices for both common and privileged users. Additionally, implementing password lifecycle protocols can further bolster security.

Monitoring activities on cloud-connected systems such as websites or applications is crucial. Furthermore, protecting files and databases through centralized and scalable encryption measures can significantly increase the difficulty for potential hackers to compromise your systems.